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Founded in January of 2022, Bestowing the Basics is a new charitable 501(c)3 non-profit organization, established in the city of Athol. Lined alongside the outskirts of Lake Pend Orielle, we created this organization to purposely serve Athol, Bayview, Careywood, and other small, rural, underserved communities throughout north Idaho.


Our mission: To meet and fill the varying needs that arise for individuals and families living in small, rural, underserved north Idaho communities. Providing the most basic and necessary essentials to help feed, clothe, clean, warm, and shelter them; nurturing their needs, cultivating relationships, serving in love, and building community. Through our various programs, we look to support individuals and families who encounter unforeseen personal hardships. We extend ourselves to lend a helping hand, no matter how small or big the circumstance might be. 


In our newness, we are constantly learning how we can best serve our community, alongside existing groups and organizations. We gain a better understanding of what those needs are by partnering with our local food bank, school district, small businesses, etc.  


Our main objective is to reinforce and build a strong sense of community. We do that by walking in love, serving in sincerity, exemplifying heart, humility, and humanity. 

ABC  Food Bank

Bestowing the Basics exists to help provide these items to those who need it. 


Blessing Bags

It is important to us that we extend our reach to our neighbors.


Family Assistance

Bestowing the Basics has created a fund to help provide added aid and assistance to local families.


Period Pouches & Packs

We provide feminine hygiene products to 11 schools for the unexpected.


Young Hearts

The Young Hearts Program is new and for area seniors who deserve our time and tenderness...

These are just a few local projects and organizations we support. If you would like to help, click below...

Our story begins with our founder...

In late January of 2022, our Founder, Corilynne Smith, an Athol resident, started Bestowing the Basics. After volunteering and advocating for countless charitable organizations throughout the state of Idaho for 12 solid and consistent years, it puzzled Corilynne that few, if any resources were readily and easily available within our small, rural community. Post pandemic, the need was greater, the growth was uncontrollable, God's timing was best and Bestowing the Basics was birthed. 



We are grateful for our community!

At Bestowing the Basics, we believe and recognize that it takes a collective effort amongst us all to achieve our goal of 'filling the need, locally.' Each single act of kindness is the building blocks necessary to the greater impact and influence we build within our community. 

Let’s Work Together

P.O. Box 791, Athol, ID 83801


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