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Supplying the Basics


Federal and state assistance programs do not cover the purchase of personal hygiene, household, and pet care products. Most food banks do not receive federal or state funding for these same items as well. Bestowing the Basics exists to help provide these items to those who need it. 

We work closely with the food bank, making weekly deliveries of food, personal care products, and household items. We assist the food bank by hosting collection drives, planning events, and more. 

The food bank is located at the Athol Community Center and is open every Tuesday, from 9 AM to 12 PM, 1 PM to 3 PM.

Managed by Charlotte Hooper. 

We deeply appreciate Charlotte and her amazing team of volunteers who embrace our help and the regular contributions we make to help feed and care for our local families. 

Family Assistance

Prior to the pandemic, our local elementary school learned many of our families saw an increase with family loss, separation, loss of jobs, and more. The introduction and impact of Covid, thereafter ravaged our families.


One of the ways we meet this need is through a joint effort with Athol Elementary School Counselor, Heather Hamilton, Bestowing the Basics has created a fund to help provide added aid and assistance to local families who experience unforeseen circumstances brought on by life-changing events. Through our ongoing efforts, we hope to provide local families a wide range of assistance with gas, groceries, living expenses, medical bills, and/or special requests.

In addition to our connection with the local elementary school, we receive referrals from our local food bank, churches, and social media. We cannot guarantee that we will meet everyones need, but we will always try to!

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Young Hearts

More on this program coming soon!

Blessing Bags

It is important to us that we extend our reach to our neighbors.

The Altar Food Bank in CDA asked for help with collecting and creating "Blessing Bags" for both their food bank recipients and the homeless. We donated 75 bags.

A Blessing Bag is open to interpretation. The contents include a variety of personal care/hygiene items, protein snacks, weather related accessories, etc. They vary in size, depending on how often these bags (and where) they get distributed.

We'd like to continue our efforts to provide the basic essentials to those who need it, especially those living on our streets. Consider donating your travel/hotel size personal care/hygiene products to us. You can mail them and/or drop them off at one of our local collection sites.

Mail to:

Bestowing the Basics

Post Office Box 791

Athol, Idaho 83801


Period Pouches

Bestowing the Basics provides all 11 schools within the Lakeland 272 School District an assortment of feminine hygiene products, carefully curated into one small 'period pouch' free of charge. Available to young women who unexpectedly and unpreparedly experience the period while attending school.


Period Pouches include 2 pads, 2 tampons, 2 pantyliners, 2 feminine wipes, 1 reusable pouch, 1 pair of underwear, and 3 pieces of dove chocolate.

Let’s Work Together

P.O. Box 791, Athol, ID 83801


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