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Period Pouch Program


Bestowing the Basics provides all 11 schools within the Lakeland 272 School District an assortment of feminine hygiene products, carefully curated into one small 'period pouch' free of charge. Available to young women who unexpectedly and unpreparedly experience their period while attending school.

To add, the Lakeland School District elementary nurses have used these pouches as a tool for their annual,

5th grade Growth and Development class. Each female student is given a free pouch to keep and carry with her onward to middle school. For two years, we have donated over 600 perioud pouches.

In April of 2024, we furnished the girls restroom at Timberlake Middle School with our first, free, feminine hygiene cart, allowing young women to take the needed supplies to get them cleanly and confidently through the day.


Pouch Contents:

  • 2 pads

  • 2 tampons

  • 2 pantyliners

  • feminine wipes

  • brand new pair of underwear

  • a sweet treat (chocolate or hard candy)

  • enclosed in a cute, discreet, reusable pouch


Period Packs and Beyond

We are researching and learning of ways that we can provide ALL women access to free, feminine hygiene, including those who access area food banks, shelters, and more. We are developing the Period Pack which will contain an assortment of products based on a womens' age, size, and/or cycle.   

Our goal is to ensure all women, regardless of need, obtain necessary and needed essentials. Should you or someone you know need assistance with feminine hygiene products, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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