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Our Story Beings with Our Founder

In late January of 2022, our Founder, Corilynne Smith, an Athol resident, started Bestowing the Basics. After volunteering and advocating for countless charitable organizations throughout the state of Idaho for 12 solid and consistent years, it puzzled Corilynne that few, if any resources were readily and easily available within our small, rural community. Post pandemic, the need was greater, the growth was uncontrollable, God's timing was best and Bestowing the Basics was birthed.


Prior to starting Bestowing the Basics, Corilynne, along with her family and close friends distributed 120,000 pounds of food in April and May of 2021; over 80,000 pounds was directly distributed from the parking lot of the Athol Community Center. In September of 2021, Corilynne assisted our local food bank, distributed 5,000 pounds of apples. In the Fall of 2022, Corilynne briefly served as the Inventory Manager for Cup of Grace, organizing their new building that stores clothes, shoes, snow gear, school supplies, and more. Corilynne currently serves on the Athol Daze Planning Committee and has previously served on the Athol Elementary PTU as their Vice-President, the Lakeland School District Parent Subcommittee, and on the Athol Daze Planning Committee. 


Corilynne decided it was time to step away from volunteering for other organizations, and create something IN Athol, for Athol. She wanted to develop resources and provide additional aid for her residing community.  She wanted to make things more accessible, available, and attainable for her community and those around it. 


Bestowing the Basics may have been Corilynne's calling. However, she knows Bestowing the Basics is where it is today because of her faith, her family, her friendships, and her community! She does nothing alone and refuses credit for what God has placed on her heart to do and the unselfish, devoted, and loving members of the community who support her, ultimately supporting us. 


The Bestowing the Basics Team

From our Board to our Program Directors, we are unpaid, 100% volunteer managed and operated.

Our nonprofit is 100% community funded and supported!

Join Our Team!

We're always looking for volunteers in the Athol, Bayview, Careywood and surrounding areas. Learn more about how you can help at the button below.

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